Tuesday, June 4, 2013

You may not feel like you won, but darling, you won.

Ladies, this goes out for everyone.
A player is a player.
You will love him till you die, but he will forget you because you were just another girl that fell for his tricks.

UNLESS ... he hates you.
If he hates you its because he lost. You turned around and gave his BS right back to him and he wasn't expecting it. He did not expect himself to lose against a "little girl" He does not hate you for being all the things he says. He "hates" you because you figured out his game and smashed his pride.
 You exposed him to the new territory of not being protected by his actions. You pulled off his mask & broke down his walls. You have pulled him out of his shell for everyone to see the real him and he doesn't know how to cover it up and make himself look better. So naturally, he blames you.
In reality he does not hate you. He hates himself for losing the game that he set up in the first place.

Good job ladies. Show them we can play their game as well as they can!

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