Monday, June 3, 2013

What is perfection?

Life Is not supposed to turn out the way you planned it. Your idea of perfect changes when you finally find the "perfection" in your definition. When you find the "perfection" in the way you look at life you will start living instead of just existing. When you take a moment to thank god for the chance to live in the moment, realize how you feel. IN THE MOMENT. Not having thoughts and worries of tomorrow. Not caring about anyone else but yourself. When you can sit there and breathe deeply and soak in all the perfection the world gives you EVERYDAY that you have failed to really let sink in because there was that strive to find the MATERIAL meaning of perfection. This is when your definition of perfection is defined. When you can gather yourself and separate from the rest of the world and watch how this beautiful masterpiece runs. Perfection isn't that hard to find, but only if man could drop the idea that they make perfection, it might be easier to realize.

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