Tuesday, June 4, 2013

She is a Girl

She's a girl.
She spend hours straightening her hair even though when she wakes up it is naturally straight.
She spend hours doing her make-up, just to subconsciously know that she is beautiful.
She looks at her wrists, running over the memories of him, even though scars are not left.
She writes letters to the people she misses, but does not miss her.
She has a special envelope for the boy that broke her heart, that will soon be going into the military.
They feel the love from her from that anyways, right?
Sadly, she covers herself in pity so that maybe he can recognize her.
That was the only way he knew her anyways; sad.
She loses herself over and over again at the thought of him.
She is a girl...
That misses a boy..
That will NEVER miss her.

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