Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Don't Let Me Fall

Why do you sit there and try to be happy. Smile at the beauty that glistens off of butterflies’ wings, look into a child’s heart, simply through their eyes. The life bursting out of them. Why do we try? They don’t know any better than to just be happy, just be free. In their minds, “why not be happy” “why not let people know who you are!? Its exciting to be living.” When people ask others to define the definition of adolescents its almost this simple. It’s the stage of transferring from the innocence of how the world was made to be, and what the world has turned into be. Being an adolescent isn’t an easy thing. You’re stuck, honestly. You have the choice to go into the unknown, still holding the world in your hands, seeing new things from the innocent, child’s point of view and get damaged and beaten, and broken. Knocked down on your knees from someone’s blow that was ignorant enough to take advantage of what god made the same as himself, but in a more pure light, and expect you to just take it. But does that sound so bad considering the other option? Going into the world as a snarky, narcissistic, young, adolescent. Thinking that they have the world, that the world owes them something, just for being born. Setting themselves up for public abomination, humiliation. Being eaten alive, and they are expected to be okay, to repair themselves without having help. They are expected to slap a smile on their faces and pretend nothing is wrong, because lets be honest. Who cares anymore about a broken human being? Its sad to think about, but the reason no ones cares is because they are broken too. That’s how they were treated. They see themselves in that young hooligan that wants more than anything to go back. To run back and not have to stand up on two feet and be treated against what humanity was binded from. Love. Unconditional love. 

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