Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Speak your Heart and Mind

The people you have in your life are not secured for you to see tomorrow. The last text you sent them may just be the last text you ever send them. Were you content with what you said? Did it represent your true state of mind? People change. Yes, sadly, it happens to the ones we don't want it to but you HAVE to swallow your pride and tell them what is on your heart & mind. Even if the playing field is not the same anymore. Because when it comes to judgement day for them and you are relieving the memories, the laughs, the tears, the smiles ... you are going to fell like a piece of crap. Then you got to ask yourself why you never told them those things. How you felt. Oh yeah, your pride got in the way. The selflessness of you was over powered. Have you told someone how you have really felt today? You might want to. Things are not just being handed to us, especially as we get older. We have to fight for them. No matter what. & with todays generation I fear that that will be a struggle.. I fear they will give up because it is "to hard", only because its not handed to them. People will start closing off and shutting down as we go into the future generations. How are we supposed to dig a person out of themselves if we see that as to much effort? How are we supposed to then, dig within ourselves to form ways of LIVING with the ones we love and care about, rather than just EXISTING with them ...
I hope this got you thinking.
Time is precious and even now, even while we are young we barely have any.
Do what you need to do regardless. It will shape the person you become and they become. If you care about them, and you want the best for them; to be the best they can be. Tell them, let them know. It will help them in life. You are always the missing puzzle piece to someone else's dedication and hard work to life. Make sure you deliver. Not only will it effect you & them, one day, it could possibly effect our world.

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