Friday, June 14, 2013

There is more wisdom to explore in tomorrow's promises than there is in today's despair.

This moment, right now, is so beautiful. It has the mixture of the knowledge & wisdom of being the oldest you've ever been & the last bit of ignorance & bliss you'll ever have. Being able to survive while losing yourself every second of the day & trying to find the new self you're becoming while making it look like you have everything under control is a skill a lot of teenagers fail to nurture. We cut, we bleed, we cry, we get mad, we wanna give up some nights, & we honestly don't care who sees us breaking ourselves down. We teenagers fail to remember there is a plan for tomorrow. There is more wisdom to explore in tomorrow's promises than there is in today's dispairs. People think that trusting people is basically shooting yourself in the foot, but I will never tell I lie to you ;  You have to be cracked before you can be pieced together . And once you are pieced together by another person you realize two things. - how much they have grown into tomorrow's hope of finding a way to help the world & you realize that you're now apart of a movement between today and tomorrow that will give hope to everyone else. An all you had to do ... Was live. 

Monday, June 10, 2013

" I'm not young enough to know everything" : my interpretation

“I'm not young enough to know everything.” 

> The beauty & known perfection is all given to a child once it's born. It's how it's journey starts. It comes into the world, hole & perfect. All knowing of all goods, and not  introduced to the bad. This is how the game is played. The child grows up and through every second of getting older, the child losses it's sense of perfection that was already present at the beginning. The child will know when it has matured when it realizes that this was the plan. To lose the perfection & good , and suffer through bad & evil (things that were learned in life. Not grown from within the child) Is To bring the child back to the point of removing the bad and still seeing the world in perfection. The way it did when it was born. You'll know that the point when the child was born was met when the " child" dies. It has experienced the world, through all it's trials & is still able to love and see the good in what the world still is. This is when you have a life well lived. You are stripped of what god has given you, an you are able to find it once more. That is the ultimate goal in order to get home. 

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Speak your Heart and Mind

The people you have in your life are not secured for you to see tomorrow. The last text you sent them may just be the last text you ever send them. Were you content with what you said? Did it represent your true state of mind? People change. Yes, sadly, it happens to the ones we don't want it to but you HAVE to swallow your pride and tell them what is on your heart & mind. Even if the playing field is not the same anymore. Because when it comes to judgement day for them and you are relieving the memories, the laughs, the tears, the smiles ... you are going to fell like a piece of crap. Then you got to ask yourself why you never told them those things. How you felt. Oh yeah, your pride got in the way. The selflessness of you was over powered. Have you told someone how you have really felt today? You might want to. Things are not just being handed to us, especially as we get older. We have to fight for them. No matter what. & with todays generation I fear that that will be a struggle.. I fear they will give up because it is "to hard", only because its not handed to them. People will start closing off and shutting down as we go into the future generations. How are we supposed to dig a person out of themselves if we see that as to much effort? How are we supposed to then, dig within ourselves to form ways of LIVING with the ones we love and care about, rather than just EXISTING with them ...
I hope this got you thinking.
Time is precious and even now, even while we are young we barely have any.
Do what you need to do regardless. It will shape the person you become and they become. If you care about them, and you want the best for them; to be the best they can be. Tell them, let them know. It will help them in life. You are always the missing puzzle piece to someone else's dedication and hard work to life. Make sure you deliver. Not only will it effect you & them, one day, it could possibly effect our world.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

You may not feel like you won, but darling, you won.

Ladies, this goes out for everyone.
A player is a player.
You will love him till you die, but he will forget you because you were just another girl that fell for his tricks.

UNLESS ... he hates you.
If he hates you its because he lost. You turned around and gave his BS right back to him and he wasn't expecting it. He did not expect himself to lose against a "little girl" He does not hate you for being all the things he says. He "hates" you because you figured out his game and smashed his pride.
 You exposed him to the new territory of not being protected by his actions. You pulled off his mask & broke down his walls. You have pulled him out of his shell for everyone to see the real him and he doesn't know how to cover it up and make himself look better. So naturally, he blames you.
In reality he does not hate you. He hates himself for losing the game that he set up in the first place.

Good job ladies. Show them we can play their game as well as they can!

She is a Girl

She's a girl.
She spend hours straightening her hair even though when she wakes up it is naturally straight.
She spend hours doing her make-up, just to subconsciously know that she is beautiful.
She looks at her wrists, running over the memories of him, even though scars are not left.
She writes letters to the people she misses, but does not miss her.
She has a special envelope for the boy that broke her heart, that will soon be going into the military.
They feel the love from her from that anyways, right?
Sadly, she covers herself in pity so that maybe he can recognize her.
That was the only way he knew her anyways; sad.
She loses herself over and over again at the thought of him.
She is a girl...
That misses a boy..
That will NEVER miss her.

You could be wonderful. but you're a coward.

"I do not care about you. I do not care what happens to you" said the girl. "Then way are you trying so hard for us to be okay again?!" said the boy.....
"Because I was able to learn how to love myself when I gave my heart to you, and I saw how you loved every flaw in me that I could never love about myself.Thats why I want us to be friends.So that I can see the good in your eyes and the good in myself again. You have always been a good person, but it took me to bring it out of you!! & that was the goal. To get you to realize that when you are good to good people you grow into a better person. They are only there to help you. I want you to be the best that your abilities will allow you to be, and that is with me. We bring the worst and the best out of each other. But thats okay because at the end of the day we still want the nest for one another whether we show it or not." Said the girl "and that should be enough of a reason for you."

Don't Let Me Fall

Why do you sit there and try to be happy. Smile at the beauty that glistens off of butterflies’ wings, look into a child’s heart, simply through their eyes. The life bursting out of them. Why do we try? They don’t know any better than to just be happy, just be free. In their minds, “why not be happy” “why not let people know who you are!? Its exciting to be living.” When people ask others to define the definition of adolescents its almost this simple. It’s the stage of transferring from the innocence of how the world was made to be, and what the world has turned into be. Being an adolescent isn’t an easy thing. You’re stuck, honestly. You have the choice to go into the unknown, still holding the world in your hands, seeing new things from the innocent, child’s point of view and get damaged and beaten, and broken. Knocked down on your knees from someone’s blow that was ignorant enough to take advantage of what god made the same as himself, but in a more pure light, and expect you to just take it. But does that sound so bad considering the other option? Going into the world as a snarky, narcissistic, young, adolescent. Thinking that they have the world, that the world owes them something, just for being born. Setting themselves up for public abomination, humiliation. Being eaten alive, and they are expected to be okay, to repair themselves without having help. They are expected to slap a smile on their faces and pretend nothing is wrong, because lets be honest. Who cares anymore about a broken human being? Its sad to think about, but the reason no ones cares is because they are broken too. That’s how they were treated. They see themselves in that young hooligan that wants more than anything to go back. To run back and not have to stand up on two feet and be treated against what humanity was binded from. Love. Unconditional love. 

Monday, June 3, 2013

What is perfection?

Life Is not supposed to turn out the way you planned it. Your idea of perfect changes when you finally find the "perfection" in your definition. When you find the "perfection" in the way you look at life you will start living instead of just existing. When you take a moment to thank god for the chance to live in the moment, realize how you feel. IN THE MOMENT. Not having thoughts and worries of tomorrow. Not caring about anyone else but yourself. When you can sit there and breathe deeply and soak in all the perfection the world gives you EVERYDAY that you have failed to really let sink in because there was that strive to find the MATERIAL meaning of perfection. This is when your definition of perfection is defined. When you can gather yourself and separate from the rest of the world and watch how this beautiful masterpiece runs. Perfection isn't that hard to find, but only if man could drop the idea that they make perfection, it might be easier to realize.