Monday, August 19, 2013

The way the system runs

What's the process of life now a days?! What's worth fighting for anymore? Because when you think about it , everyone is fighting for what they say they want more than anything. They say they would do anything for it, but when in reality, while they are " fighting " for what they want more than " anything",they are holding daggers behind their backs so that if someone tries to strike them down, they won't get hurt.  How sad is that? One person won't get hurt for another. One person can't stop thinking about their own safety for one second, long enough for another person to live on purely & not corruptly. Shouldn't that be what we all fight for? For the sake of the younger souls to not have to know what defending yourself means. So that they never have to learn from ignorant people with horrible morals and ways of life. So maybe what we fight for may never have to be fought for again. We saved a generation from hurt, heart ache & trust issues. That's the real battle, but we are too blind to realize it, because we are fighting our own, unnecessary battles.We created these battles & now we created inflicting pain upon thousands & millions of others that didn't want anything more than love.. To be loved. Isn't that what we are born into the world to accept? Anything other than love is foreign to us. How can we call ourselves the superior race when we can't even use the true definition of love anymore, without there being resentment behind it.

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